I've driven past Amoeba Music probably hundreds of times while I've lived in LA, but up until today I'd never actually set foot inside of it. My parents were visiting for the weekend and my rock-and-roll-washed-up-hippie-surfer-bra father was dead set on paying it a visit, so we spent a good chunk of the afternoon browsing through the TONS of music in that blessed corner of the earth! I probably could have spent the whole day there....as well as emptied my savings. I settled on these three gems: The Bootleg Series Vo. II by Bob DylanBeing There - my favorite Wilco album [seeing them in a week and a half...eee!!], and Yo-Yo Ma - Obrigado Brazil: Live In Concert...can't wait to see what THAT is all about. Yo-Yo Ma + Brazilian music = heaven on earth?