[a year in photos]

Time to say goodbye to the year 2011, its been wonderful. 

I went to Mexico and conquered an island, and then later found out it was a peninsula. 

I went back to Haiti and saw some old friends and made some new ones. I fell more in love with that country. 

I camped and surfed and campfired in San Onofre with these crazy kids for a week. 
I took the train across the United States. I wandered around unknown cities by myself and read until I slept.  
I visited our nation's capital for the first time.

I visited the Bay and saw some very wonderful friends there. 
I went fishing and caught nothing.
I welcomed this special little person into the world. 
I listened to many good tunes. [Fleet Foxes @ the Santa Barbara Bowl]
I went swimming with my cousin for her first time ever setting foot in the ocean.
I shared many good meals with friends. 

I visited the city that never sleeps, where it indeed lived up to its name. 
I didn't sleep there with these wonderful roommates. 
 Here's to a year that overflowed with more joy than I deserve and a new year that I can't wait to be alive in.