[so far.]

East coast so far: I don't even know where to start!

Perhaps its because each day seems to be packed with so many little adventures, or because I am becoming extremely socially awkward from only hanging out with old people and a six-year-old all of the time. Either way, its been a challenging but lovely couple of weeks so far :) A few little things to share:
  • We've made it a habit that whenever I go running, Sarah goes with me for two laps around the block, and then I drop her off at home and keep going. She likes to be included in pretty much everything I do... :) Running, I might add, is NOT the same here in the mountains. Its humid as hec, and the air seems thinner here. I am already dreaming of running back in California where it cools off at some point and there are no mosquitos! 
  • Things we've baked so far: cream puffs, sticky buns, banana bread, sugar cookies. Hence the running.
  • Sarah is learning how to read, and it is seriously magical watching her sound out words and seeing the little gears turn her in head. There's just something about seeing her face when she figures out a really hard word that makes me so happy! 
  • We went down to the Davidson River the other day, and everything was fine and dandy until a snake started crawling on me in the water!! I seriously almost died. But thankfully Sarah found some really nice little guys [one of whom kept calling her Emma] who played with her in the water because I wouldn't get back in! 
There are so many other things I could share, but I think one of the biggest things I've learned here so far is a little bit of how it feels to be a parent. I'm pretty much attached to Sarah at the hip all day long, and even when I'm not with her, I'm wondering what she is doing and if she is ok. As wonderful as all of our little adventures are, I think its been especially hard for me because I can't help but wish that her own mama could be the one baking banana bread with her or teaching her how to read.  What I wouldn't give to trade in the little magical moments that Sarah and I have together so that she could have her mama back. But that is not the hand that we have been dealt, and I am so grateful for this time we have together this summer. I know her mom would have been proud of how brave she was with that snake! 

And on a somewhat related note, I have come to value time to myself oh so very much! Even just quick shower, a run, or going to the store by myself to grab some milk - I have come to cherish the silence and the time to be by myself even if its just for a little while. 

Thank you all for your love, texts, letters, phone calls, prayers, etc. They seriously mean more to more to me than you know! 

So much love :)

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cream puffs, om nom
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