[bread pudding]

One of the defining foods of my childhood was my mom's bread pudding...and not because of how good it was. Granted my mom is an amazing cook, but she would make bread pudding practically every week to use up all of the little tidbits of bread that would end up in our fridge, and would usually sneak in the pieces of bread that my brother and I wouldn't eat..like yucky slices of rye bread! James and I got SO sick of it...we even started conjuring up ways to get rid of the bread pudding without her noticing...sneaking it into the cat food....etc. She eventually stopped making it, and I didn't have it again...until yesterday! I noticed that little bits and pieces of bread were ending up stranded in my grandparent's fridge, so I decided what the hec, why not give it a second chance. I threw in some apples, dried cranberries, and walnuts, and it turned out scrumptious! I have officially turned a corner in my relationship with bread pudding...we love each other again.