This past weekend Syd and I had the opportunity to be bridesmaids in an Ecuadorian indigenous wedding...what an experience. It was a two-day long affair filled with some very strange foods (pig intestines and cow hooves??), lots of singing, hundreds of incredibly hospitable people, and very little sleep. The bride and her sister dressed us up in the traditional anacos that the indigenous women wear - so beautiful! Every single person we came into contact with was so loving - eager to teach us Quichua (the indigenous language), offer us MORE food and drinks, or teach us about the customs of their culture. It was truly beautiful...weekends like this make my heart happy. 

Felicitaciones Washington y Sonia, Dios los bendiga!

[Thank you Sydney for the pictures and video.]

soakin' it all up
at the ceremony
with the beautiful bride and groom!
sheep are my friends. 
exploring the area
on our way home...oh life.