this is a word that has been really drilled into my head lately. simplicity. simplify. simple. 

living outside of the united states for the past few months, i have been coming to terms with how little i really need - how much excess that i fill my life with. things that i convince myself that i need, but in reality are just distractions from putting in the effort to finding true joy and truth in this life. 

lately i've been craving the simple - a cup of coffee sipped alone in the quiet, piano music without words, a loose sweater and wool socks, or an afternoon spent with friends doing nothing but just walking around our city. 

i believe there is such beauty and truth to be found in simplicity. for me, there is a sense that the voice of God rings clearer and truer when my life is less cluttered. i have found that the times when i stop trying and learn to be patient and wait are the times when He blows me out of the water and opens my eyes to His truth. the times when i cease to try to fill my life with the things i think i need are often the times when He fills my heart with more peace and understanding than ever before. 

so here's to simplicity. here's to giving up the clutter and embracing truth.