[two months]

I moved to Quito two months ago today. 

Each day that passes here, I find myself wanting to linger longer and longer. As much as I miss the over-priced latte's and runs on the beach back in the States, these past nine weeks have been filled with more beauty and sweetness than my little heart can hold sometimes. Don't get me wrong, there have been hard times too - moments when I just want to tear my hair out and get on a plane and head back to California, but those moments have been far overshadowed by all of the incredible people I have met here. All of the laughs that we have shared over meals, all of the wisdom that they have so graciously poured into me, and the way that they love complete strangers in a way that I wish the rest of the world could learn to...including myself.

Some days I am tired. Some days I really miss certain people. Some days I wish things were different. But that is the beauty of this life that we are all trudging through together - that nothing is ever perfect. Every second of every day we are learning and experiencing and becoming more like the people that God created us to be. Each new day we are being refined through the fire, and I can only hope that I come out on the other side of this not quite the same as when I started.

the market in San Roque