Well friends, the time has come...I am moving for six(ish) months to Quito, Ecuador tomorrow! I don't know if moving is even the right word...I feel like that should entail lots of boxes and rolls of tape, and so far this has been nothing like that. No, instead I have somehow managed to cram all of my material possessions into a suitcase and backpack and am heading off tomorrow with one of my best friends Sydney to serve at an organization down there called Casa Victoria (read more about it here). Aside from this lil' blog, I will also be blogging for an organization called Live58, which I could not be more stoked and humbled to be taking part in! Check out my first post here, and also see what Live58 is all about...they're some cool kids. That's all for now...goodbye America, hasta pronto Ecuador! 

The steps of Casa Victoria where I will be living in Quito