[big sur]

Just got home from a few days up in Big Sur with my good friend Jocelyn....what a beautiful and magical place it is my friends. Filled to the brim with beaches, redwoods, meadows, wildflowers, and little critters...there just couldn't be anything better. We spent the first night camping at Andrew Molera State Beach, and decided at 4pm to do an impromptu 8-mile hike around the park...so worth it! Watching the sun set over the ocean just never gets old. 

The next day we made the 10-mile trek to Sykes Hot Springs, which was a pretty challenging hike, but was so very worth it when we got to the hot springs! They were like little mini hot tubs in the side of the river...so crazy that these things exist, I tell you. We camped down there for the night, met some new friends, and then hiked back out the next day. 

It was a glorious couple of days with good company...food for the soul. 

en route
pretty sunset
andrew molera
hot springs!