I am moving out of my apartment in less than two weeks.

This little corner of the earth has overflowed with more love and joy and laughter and tears than I ever knew to be possible - I am going to miss it so much, it hurts.

I will miss the way the sunshine would stream through the windows and shine across the hardwood floors in the mornings.
I will miss the old cabinets that wouldn't shut. 
I will miss that dang rug that covered our entire apartment in fuzz.
I will miss the sinks from the stone age and the chipped paint on the window panes. 
I will miss the crazy neighbor with all the crazy plants and crazy pile of sand.
I will miss the stupid basil plant that I kept alive for less than a week. 
I will miss the Sunday afternoons spent eating too much goat cheese from the farmer's market out on our balcony that was just a little too small but no one cared.
I will miss the cups of coffee shared over conversation in the early mornings and the late nights in our dining room. 
I will miss the game nights, the wine and cheese nights, the dance parties, the cuddles on the couch, the violent nuzzling in the kitchen, the meals shared with friends.

And out of the all the things I will miss most about our apartment, I will miss the people. 
There are no words for how much I will miss Brooke, Jeanine, and Ansie and our little home together. 
I will miss all of the silly jokes we made, the knowing glances we exchanged from across the room, the many tears we had on the couch, the scones we baked, the quinoa we burnt, the tests we studied for, and all of the songs we would listen to on repeat. 

Oh Kelton apartment, you were too wonderful to us. I know that the end of this chapter means the beginning of a new and wonderful adventure for each one of us...but I will miss you.