Story time: 

This past weekend my cousin Sarah came to visit Santa Barbara for a couple of days with my grandma and uncle...so exciting to see the little munchkin again! I missed her so much, especially after spending our whole summer together. The entire weekend was kind of a blur for me because so much was going on, except for possibly one of the best moments of my life so far: Sarah's first time setting foot in the ocean ever!! 
If you know me at all, you would know that I'm sort of a nut about the ocean. Call it cheesy or whatever, but growing up spending more time at the beach than not has engrained the ocean into my bones. It is my sanctuary, my happy place. Which is why I was beyond ecstatic to share it with Sarah for the very first time! We didn't get to head to the beach until around 5pm, but it was a PERFECT day down at The Pit (SB natives know it well) and we didn't waste any time jumping in the water, building a sandcastle, and just running around in the sand and waves until the sun went down. The joy on her little face was contagious. It was such a special moment for the family to share with Sarah, as well as to remember my aunt who I know was looking down and smiling! 

Seriously beautiful day my friends.